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4th Beach, Clifton
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New Years Day Swim

New Year’s Day Swim in Cape Town

The original Cold Water Mile… this is where 1SOMS started and due to its place in history takes precedence on those year’s where New Year’s Day falls on a Sunday.

The start is aligned with New Year’s Hawaii (the furthest place on the planet from Cape Town and 12hrs from Cape Town starting a New Year).

This swim starts in the shallows and ends on the beach to enable spectators to oogle over those who have run the gauntlet of cold water this early in the year.

You will note that irrespective of the water temperature it will be the warmest swim of the New Year that you’ve undertaken.

COVID-19 and enhanced restrictions

Social distancing an mask-wearing is the habit of the day… Order your new face-masks as this is likely to be with us for some year’s to come so you might as well find some funky masks.

ALL ENTRIES will be ONLINE (there will be NO ENTRIES on the DAY).

  • Cost: R200 p/p  (flat rate)
  • NB
      • Online entries ONLY. (Enter Here)
        • You will need to be logged in in order to enter. Login Page
        • If you have swum with us before, you can use your email address and request a new password. The email may take a while to come through so please do this earlier rather than later.
        • If you are new then please register on the website so you can be given a racenumber.
      • Participation limit 100ppl.

Logistics (Telegram will be used for communication  and a specific group set up for participants ):

11:00-11:45 Desk opens
11:55 Starting orders
12:00 Wave 1 +0:30 Wave 2
12:01 Wave 3 +0:30 Wave 4
12:02 Wave 5
12:25 1st Swimmer expected

Beach logistics
5 rows of 20 pegs will be placed on the beach in a cordoned off area. (This are will be monitored throughout the swim)
Your starting slot will be indicated on the start sheet
5 waves of 20 persons per wave set off at 30s intervals.
On reaching the beach your SwimNo will be logged (sequenced) and you will return to your starting peg for your chocolate.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and sea you at 1SOMS January

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1SOMS is aimed at making open water swimming fun and accessible and enjoyable to anyone and everyone who would like to be involved.