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4th Beach, Clifton
Cape Town

1SOMS Information (logistics, short route and long route)

Welcome to 1SOMS .. The logistics for the day is structured to ensure maximum safety and enjoyment for the participants.

Due to the 1.5m distancing on the beach criteria there is stakes/markers with your start position on them. This will double as to where to leave your bag and where you will return to after your swim.

!!The location for bag-drop is different depending on whether you are entered for the Lapper or the Miler.!!

At Check-in your Category (Skins or Wetsuits) will be recorded . 

For Compliance purposes your temperature will be noted .

After Check-in there are 5 rows of 10 markers/stakes numbered 1 to 50 .

1 row (i.e. 10 ppl) of participants will be released at 1 minute intervals. (This time offset will be removed when (final) times are published)

In the water the Safety teams are in charge and their instruction is to be followed.

Routes are clockwise – i.e. keep Yellow and Red tetrahedron buoys on right shoulder

There is a smaller buoy offset from the course .. this is only to be used to indicate finishing (left shoulder turn)

On Exit the following will be recorded

  1. SwimNo
  2. Number of Laps
  3. Optional
    1. Surname
    2. Category (Skins or Wetsuits)

You will then continue to Bag-drop marker to place the marker in on the ground (& retrieve your Bag) . Any Markers still standing indicate that there is a swimmer still on route.

There is a maximum of 5 minute grace to complete the route from specified time limit. (i.e. Lapper 50min max for 45min route | Miler 65min max for 60min route).

Please also note:

  • Lucky draw winners will be notified on Exit and asked to provide Name and Email address to enable provider to contact you.

NEW!! SpashDash intro to Openwater Swimming. 07:30-08:15 Guided swim across the shallows of Clifton 4th (“C4”)

SplashDash – Distance 405m (in total).. Just outside the wave zone you get to feel what its like swimming along the shore and behind waves

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1SOMS is aimed at making open water swimming fun and accessible and enjoyable to anyone and everyone who would like to be involved.