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“If you don’t have a PLAN B then you don’t have a PLAN A… “

Beyond the waves there are no lines, no walls, no limits…

And you will not win any argument with Mother Nature so don’t try.


Every swim I remind you that :-

  • Open water swimming is extreme… there are no prizes for any ego.
  • If you are unhappy with any of the setup then please do not start –
    go back to the desk and ask for your refund or a credit towards the next swim.
  • You are responsible for getting yourself out of trouble – turnaround and return to the start and tell the recorder you DNF’d (but will be back next time 😉).
    The boat and the paddlers are there to guide you around the course.
    If necessary, they will tell you to return to shore- don’t argue they know.
  • Look around – introduce yourself to the swimmer next to you.
    Yes the name on their swim cap is theirs.
  • Find a swim buddy – it is more fun!
  • Certain routes have particular intricacies be familiar with the swim route that is planned (aka look at the map, ask questions)
  • Cold water is cold. There is nothing I can do to change this. You however are able to improve your response to the cold by acclimatising beforehand (e.g. walking in the shallows until the cold sting is gone)
  • Swimming over a fellow swimmer is not cool – Please be courteous
    (or you will be DQ’d.)

Enjoy yourself… sea you soon 😉

About This Site


1SOMS is aimed at making open water swimming fun and accessible and enjoyable to anyone and everyone who would like to be involved.