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4th Beach, Clifton
Cape Town


1st Sunday Of Month Swim (“1SOMS”) was established on 1 January 2005 … there were 5 participants.. since then unique race numbers have been issued to over 4000 swimmers.

Annually over 1 million meters are swum. We cater for all levels of swimmers from novice to olympian.. We challenge the elements and raise the level of openwaterswimming in Cape Town and indeed internationally. 

Amongst the stalwarts are English Channel, Robben Island , Iron man and Half-Ironman’ers who are all linked by the love of openwater. Whether its Skins or Wetsuits we make a plan. 


Welcome and Briefing Notes

 “If you don’t have a PLAN B then you don’t have a PLAN A… “

Beyond the waves there are no lines, no walls, no limits…

And you will not win any argument with Mother Nature so don’t try.


Every swim I remind you that :- 

  • Openwater swimming is extreme… there are no prizes for any ego.
  • If you are unhappy with any of the setup then please do not start –
    go back to the desk and ask for your refund or a credit towards the next swim. 
  • You are responsible for getting yourself out of trouble – turnaround and return to the start and tell the recorder you DNF’d (but will be back next time 😉).
    The boat and the paddlers are there to guide you around the course.
    If necessary, they will tell you to return to shore- don’t argue they know.
  • Look around – introduce yourself to the swimmer next to you.
    Yes the name on their swimcap is theirs. 
  • Find a swim buddy – it is more fun!
  • Certain routes have particular intricacies be familiar with the swim route that is planned (aka look at the map, ask questions)
  • Cold water is cold. There is nothing I can do to change this. You however are able to improve your response to the cold by acclimatising beforehand (e.g. walking in the shallows until the cold sting is gone)
  • Swimming over a fellow swimmer is not cool – Please be courteous
    (or you will be DQ’d.)


Enjoy yourself… sea you soon 😉


+27726022557  (Whatsapp) 

coolSeason SwimBookincluding Routes, images and Briefing Notes

Distances 780m /1600m
Month 1SOMS

Desk open 07:15-07:45

Oct Sun 04-Oct        Lapper 08:00 -08:45    | Miler 09:00 -10:00
Nov Sun 01-Nov      Lapper 08:00 -08:45    | Miler 09:00 -10:00
Dec Sun 06-Dec       Lapper 08:00 -08:45    | Miler 09:00 -10:00


Jan Sun 03-Jan         Lapper 08:00 -08:45    | Miler 09:00 -10:00
Feb Sun 07-Feb        Lapper 08:00 -08:45    | Miler 09:00 -10:00
Mar Sun 07-Mar      Lapper 08:00 -08:45    | Miler 09:00 -10:00




Miler – 4th to 1st and back

About This Site


1SOMS is aimed at making open water swimming fun and accessible and enjoyable to anyone and everyone who would like to be involved.